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Why police are keeping a close eye on colleges in October

In a recent blog post, we discussed the repercussions that DUI charges can bring on your education and career. Out of all the months during the school year, October tends to be the beginning of the consequences for many Illinois college students.

The students now know their classes and their classmates well. The amount of festivities around the area begins to increase. With how much is happening at numerous college campuses in October, the local police begin to keep a closer eye on suspicious activity and driving behavior. You should warrant caution if you receive an invitation to the following events so that you do not make your post-college life more difficult.

Holiday parties

October has two major holidays at the beginning and end of the month that typically feature a lot of parties with alcohol. In the first two weekends, various cities in Illinois celebrate Oktoberfest. Some of these festivals are within close range of several Illinois colleges, leading students to join in on the celebration. While young adults can get a kick out of the cultural entertainment and take advantage of their recent drinking privileges, many students may not still know their limit and underestimate how it impacts their driving abilities.

Halloween also marks a popular time for students to throw parties. Studies show that nearly 50 percent of college age adults will host or attend a Halloween party, and nearly 55 percent plan to include alcohol. Whether the party is on the weekend before or during Halloween night, cops will maintain a watchful eye around houses on or outside of the campus.

Fraternity pledges

October is pledge month for many fraternities and sororities. Despite how frequently the news paints Greek life in a negative light due to hazing and excessive drinking, numerous fraternities continue to make potentially devastating mistakes that puts the lives of the new recruits in danger. The fraternities and sororities at the University of Illinois are no stranger to these controversies, as half of them were hit with alcohol violations between 2013 and 2017.

While you are encouraged to socialize and have fun to balance out the stressful studies in college, you also have to be very mindful of your choices. It takes just one DUI arrest to make classes unaffordable or increase the difficulty of your job hunt. If you plan on going to a party to drink, be sure you have a designated driver to help you make it back home to avoid any physical or legal repercussions.

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