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In classroom, continue to be a champion for your autistic child

You cried the tears upon learning your child was autistic. You’ve seen the progress he or she has made in early child development programs, and now it’s time to enroll him or her in school.

Since you’ve come this far as a champion for your special-needs child, you must continue to do so now that he or she is in school. That’s why you must find the right school district that will accommodate and accept your child’s needs. Yes, it will be a challenge.

When teenagers commit crimes, what should parents do?

You have watched your child become a teenager, and you couldn’t be more proud of them. They have so many characteristics that you absolutely love. But no one is perfect—and that includes your child.

The teenage years are a time when kids often become defiant, act out and make mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes might include committing a crime. Every parent is horrified at the prospect of their son or daughter getting in trouble with the law—especially at such a young age, when they have their entire future ahead of them. But this is a painful reality for the many parents whose teenagers have crossed a line and broken the law.

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