Have You Been Accused of Underage Drinking? See an Attorney Right Away.

The definition of "underage" in Illinois depends on particular actions and circumstances. At age 16, you can drive after passing a test and meeting other requirements. At age 18, you can sign contracts and do many other things that only adults can do, but consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Illinois until age 21.

Some alcohol-related crimes have to do with age alone (your age or someone else's age). You may face criminal charges if you allegedly:

  • Bought or consumed alcohol and you are under age 21
  • Served alcohol to an underage person
  • Bought alcohol for an underage person
  • Operated a vehicle after consuming any detectable quantity of alcohol under age 21

To clarify that last bullet point, Illinois has instituted a strict "zero tolerance" policy as far as underage drunk driving is concerned. If you cannot legally consume alcohol because of your age, you will be charged with underage DUI if your blood alcohol content registers anything above .00 percent.

Arrest Does Not Equal Conviction. I Will Defend Your Rights Under the Law.

I am defense lawyer Adam D. Brown, a former prosecutor and educator. I encourage young people and their parents to bring their cases for my evaluation as soon as possible after an arrest having to do with alcoholic beverages.

I am prepared to give you the same vigorous defense that I would give to an adult. As a former prosecutor, so I understand how the state builds its case against you. I may be able to provide evidence at the evidentiary hearing before a prosecutor demonstrating that the police committed illegal search and seizure or failed to prove you were guilty as charged. I can guide you in taking additional steps to protect your future after an arrest for driving under the influence.

I am also sensitive to repercussions of the charge on your school or university life, and I am prepared to represent you in school disciplinary proceedings. My experience in education and my skill as a defense attorney can work in your favor when you are accused of underage drinking or underage DUI in Illinois.

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