Student Infractions Can Carry Disciplinary and Criminal Consequences

When a high school or college student is charged with a crime, there is often more to the story than a juvenile court or regular criminal court case. The student may face negative consequences at school, as well. Certain types of actions, such as bullying, may overtly violate school policies as well as put the student at risk of an arrest and criminal charges.

A lawyer experienced with both criminal defense and education law can be an effective ally and source of the information you need when you need it. My firm, Adam D. Brown, Attorney at Law P.C., in Waukegan is a valuable resource. I am prepared to fight for your rights within the school system as well as in the courtroom.

An Illinois Attorney Advising Students in School Disciplinary Cases

As a minor, you have the same rights to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty that an adult does. Even if you are convicted and/or penalized by your school, I may be able to help you clean up your record at school and avoid a criminal arrest.

I believe in your right to continue and finish your education in the least restrictive environment, regardless of the particulars of the situation you are in. This may mean changing schools after a run-in with authorities or reinstatement to a good standing at your current institution. My professional background has given me the knowledge and skills necessary to help you find the next best steps for your education while protecting your record.

I can represent you in administrative hearings as well as in juvenile court or regular criminal courts — in every instance, seeking the most favorable outcome that may renew your hope for a rewarding future. I can help you protect your freedom and fight punishments such as dismissal from a varsity sports team or eviction from a dormitory.

If You Are Facing Criminal Charges or Serious Discipline-Related Actions

Regardless of your education level and whether or not police are involved yet, you should get in contact with an experienced defense attorney when you have been accused of serious wrongdoing in or out of school. My background as an educator, a prosecutor and a lawyer has given me a broad-based perspective on how to help young people overcome accusations of student crimes or violation of school rules.

I Will Fight For Your Rights As a Student And As a Young Adult

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