Assert Your Child's Right to Appropriate Special Education

An education law attorney who also possesses extensive experience as a teacher can be a strong advocate for you or your child in disputes with a school over special education. I am education lawyer Adam D. Brown in Waukegan, and I will be glad to meet with you for an initial consultation.

Representation of Students and Parents

You may need legal advice if:

  • Your school or your child's school refused to provide appropriate special education services
  • Your school or your child's school keeps the student in an environment that is inappropriately restrictive
  • Your school or your child's school denies needed special accommodations related to physical needs
  • You have encountered challenges over your residency in a school district where needed special education services are available for you or your child

Whatever the issue or problem related to special education in an Illinois school, I am well-suited to help you overcome the challenge.

My Background in Education

My law practice provides representation to young people in both criminal justice and educational matters. My previous experience as a special education teacher, followed by my work as a prosecutor observing the complex nature of criminal cases involving young people, has influenced how I work with young clients. Through the practice of law, I am able to help students and their parents confront and overcome institutional challenges having to do with special education or other issues.

Legal Opinions and More For Schools

In addition to my representation of students and their families, I also offer consulting services to Chicago area schools in the area of special education and other educational law matters. I can interpret laws, make recommendations and provide assistance during administrative hearings regarding individualized educational plans (IEPs) for teens and children with learning disabilities.

To Schedule a Consultation

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