Fighting Traffic Violations In Waukegan Or Chicago

It can be tempting to "just pay the fine" and not challenge a traffic ticket you receive in Waukegan or in the Chicagoland area. This may seem like the quickest way to put speeding tickets, citations for reckless driving or failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, or other infractions behind you.

In fact, paying fines for moving violations means pleading guilty. This temporary solution can have a negative impact far beyond the fees you will pay to the court. If you hold a commercial driver's license or drive for a living in any capacity, your livelihood may be at risk. The state of Illinois can add points to your driver's license, leading to the suspension of your license and the loss of your driving privileges. Your auto insurance rates can increase sharply if you receive a traffic ticket. The total cost of paying the fine on what you consider a minor traffic ticket can be enormous over time.

Look for Another Solution

If you have received a traffic ticket and you believe you do not deserve it, you do not have to feel angry, fearful or resentful. Determination to overcome the challenge is a much better approach. You can fight a traffic ticket and win! At my firm, Adam D. Brown, Attorney at Law P.C., I have a successful track record in defending clients with traffic violations. I have helped many ticketed drivers get penalties reduced or eliminated. I use my skills as a former prosecutor to examine the details of your case and discover errors in evidence collection or police procedure. Your traffic ticket defense will be carefully thought out and prepared, as is the case with all other criminal defense cases I represent.

Steps to Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Illinois does not have a statewide process for fighting a traffic offense. My law office can help you as you take the steps necessary to challenge your ticket locally, which include:

  • Determining which court to contact and reaching out to them online, by phone, by email or by mail
  • Meeting deadlines for pleading not guilty to the ticket (which is critical to receiving a trial date)
  • Work with your attorney to establish the circumstances of your ticket, and contact witnesses who can aid your defense
  • At trial, have your attorney question police representatives and witnesses and present evidence that supports your defense

After the trial, I can advise you on next steps to take that will preserve your eligibility to drive and minimize the impact the ticket will have on your future.

Accelerate Your Traffic Ticket Resolution Process

Do not delay the defense of your traffic violation. Call me, defense lawyer Adam D. Brown, at 773-355-4430 or complete the online intake form on this website to get your defense strategy underway.