DUI — How a Lawyer Can Help You Defend Yourself

If you are stopped by a police officer in your car, your stomach may begin to churn with anxiety, especially if you have been drinking. Illinois has stringent intoxicated driving laws, especially for underage drunk drivers, for whom there is a "zero tolerance" policy as far as their blood alcohol content (BAC) percentage is concerned.

Many persons accused of DUI try to navigate the legal system by themselves. That is usually a huge mistake. I am criminal defense attorney Adam D. Brown, and my Waukegan law office helps numerous clients who have been charged with a DUI challenge or refute inappropriately gathered or presented evidence. As an experienced former prosecutor and a civil litigator, I comfortable representing clients in a jury trial, and I can deconstruct the state's case against you, leading to a more favorable outcome for you.

How a Lawyer Can Help You With Your Drunk Driving Defense

  1. Advise you on what to say - and what not to say. Never speak with law enforcement about your DUI arrest without an attorney present! I can advise clients on how to participate in police questioning without incriminating themselves.
  2. Challenge the results of field sobriety tests and BAC testing measures. Police-administered tests for DUI are far from foolproof. I can challenge the results in court and other administrative hearings when it is clear evidence was not gathered in accordance with state law.
  3. Assist you in retaining your right to drive. After your DUI arrest, you may face a statutory summary suspension of your driver's license. My firm can help you file a petition to rescind the suspension and retain your ability to legally drive.
  4. Help you understand your "best case scenario." The consequences of a DUI conviction can vary dramatically based on level of intoxication measured at your traffic stop, prior DUIs or other felonies, and other factors. I have practiced as a lawyer in Waukegan and the Chicago area for years and understand how particular judges and courts may view your case. I can advise you of what is likely to happen, given your circumstances, and the best legal moves to make.

Investigate Your Post-DUI Options

My firm, Adam D. Brown, Attorney at Law P.C., provides capable representation for DUI clients. To schedule an appointment, call 773-355-4430 or complete the online intake form on this website.